Questions & Answers

Q:    Whats the dimension of the mini washing machine & weight?

A: Expand size32 x 32 x 25cm / 12.60 x 12.60 x 9.84inch

  Folding size32 x 32 x 7cm / 12.60 x 12.60 x 2.76inch

Weight 1100g

Q:    What type of power do i need for the washing machine?

A: All you need is USB power same as the phone USB cable charge and you ready to go. It can be connected to power bank too so you can take everywhere you go. Comparable of 5V 3A adapter.

Q:    How many KG of cloth can it take at a time?

A: 1kg, suitable for washing small number amount of clothes. Underwear, children's, 1 or 2 adult cloth, pet cloth.

Q:    For how long this machine will operate or how long i should wash the cloth for?

A: Our Folding machine will stop automatically by it self after 30 min of washing. no need for you to be their and wait.

Q:    Can we use it for expensive clothes?

A: Our machine is the best solution for expensive cloth as it compared to washing by hands. Its Gentle On Clothes and Prevent Entanglement.